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Acne, A Holistic Approach

Acne is a skin condition that few people can avoid.  It is an inflammatory response brought on when bacteria, oil or dead skin cells become trapped within the pores of the skin becoming infected.  Hormones, genetics, and stress can contribute to an outbreak and blockages are caused by an overproduction of sebum or oil.

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Beautiful Eyes

Soulful beautiful eyes move me.  Young, old, happy, sad, scared or crazy...the eyes have it.  The beauty of a face is often defined by the eyes, and women more than men go to great lengths to enhance this beauty.  

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Beautiful Skin With Dry Brushing

Beautiful soft skin is the benefit of constant care.  Eating well, exercising, and diet go a long way to keeping the largest organ on our bodies healthy.  Skin brushing has been practiced for thousands of years.

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Healing Skin With Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been proven to protect the skin and helps in healing rashes and insect bites.

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Holistic Beauty Basic Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin found in many nuts, fruits and vegetables.  Applying vitamin E topically can help prevent sun damage or treat sunburn and it increases the effectiveness of regular sunscreen.  It can help ease wrinkles, stretch marks, and help in the prevention of scars.

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Holistic Healing Honey

I'm talking about "raw" honey, baby!  It's anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal and can be used without fear of side effects.  A natural alternative to harsh medications, raw honey is easy to digest and it's delicious.  Compared to sugar it is the winner hands down.

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Natural Jojoba Skin Oil

One product that is as good for the hair as it is for the skin is natural Jojoba Oil.  This beauty basic leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth, especially in winter.  Jojoba is a perennial evergreen shrub and is mostly found in the Sonoran Desert (South West Arizona and California, Northern Mexico and Baja California).

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Fruit Facials

Have you heard? Fruit facials are not only good for your skin, they're good for your body.  I love a good strawberry.  Biting into that juicy red skin, slurping up the juice before it runs down your fingers...Yummy! Strawberries are associated with love and romance.  Cover them in dark chocolate and you have the makings of a hot, steamy, romance novel kind of night.  Right?  As good as they are to eat, this red delicious fruit is also wonderful for your skin.

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Skin Care for Stretch Marks

Skin care for most of us is routine.  We do the least most days because there simply isn't enough time in the day to spare.  When something as annoying and embarrassing as stretch marks appear on your skin, it's enough to send a person running the hills in despair.

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Toner From Basil Essential Oil

The goal of good skin toner is to help maintain the natural barrier your skin provides.  as the first line of defense against germs and superficial injuries the skin does it's best.  But there are things we can do to keep it in optimal condition.

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Our #1 Holistic Deodorant Choice

Our #1 Holistic Deodorant Choice is Piperwai: The Natural Winner.  It's not only effective, it doesn't have any of the harmful chemicals that conventional deodorants have. It's truly a natural alternative.

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Holistic-Beauty-Articles - Nutrition

Pomegranates: More Than A Treat

Having a Pomegranate (punica granatum) tree in my back yard. Gave me pause in the beginning. I'd never seen one before. I loved eating this fruit when I was a child, but the seeds...THE SEEDS! Sitting down with this fruit is a commitment, so I didn't think I would really eat any.Little did I know that I would find myself competing with the local squirrels once I got a taste.

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ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking Apple cider Vinegar around other people will more than likely garner a negative reaction.  Besides the smell, it has the added benefit of that sour pucker face taste.

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Banana, The Whole Food

Bananas is a word Rachel Zoe likes to use when she sees something she's crazy about.  We often use the word to describe someone who is flipping out.

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Chia Seeds Are A Great Protein Source

Have you ever seen one of those annoying commercials for chia Pets?  The terra cotta shaped heads of animals, cartoon characters and celebrities?  I think there is even one fashioned for Barack Obama.  Those commercials have been around since I was a kid and strangely have outlasted the commercials for pet rocks and sea monkeys. I used to wonder what the hell a ch-ch-ch chia was, and why I would want one for a pet. 

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Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are associated with movement.  all movement whether it be physical or mental stems from energy.  Our bodies are in constant movement (even at rest), so in my mind, we are energy.

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Healthy Cooking Is Easy With Cast Iron

Using cast iron cookware is a healthy, cheap, naturally non-stick solution to cooking.  With it, you are safe from chemicals and it transfers (a necessary mineral) to your food.  This is especially true for high acid foods like tomato-based sauces.

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Holistic Ginger Inside and Out

Ginger is a holistic powerhouse.  The ginger root wasn't something people in my old neighborhood know a lot about, but we knew Canada Dry Ginger ale was good for a stomach ache because it used real ginger.

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Mercury In Food

The affects of Mercury poisoning on the body is no joke.  Once in the body it acts like a neurotoxin, which interferes with the brain and nervous system.  It is odorless, invisibel and hard to detect and depending on the form of mercury, the level of harm ranges from very little to whoa!

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Quinoa (Keen Wah)

Quinoa is a food I had to stumbel upon.  Sure, I used to see the boxes in the grocery store, but I never grabbed one until I started hanging out with people who take food and nutrition seriously.  Thank you Beth!

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Mood Food

A bad mood can be altered by a host of things like ice cream, a good laugh...or sex.  For me, eating is way at the top of the list when I'm down (or channeling Satan).  Did you know that mood affects the foods we choose?

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Holistic-Beauty-Articles - Health

A Cold Remedy That Works

The common cold, also known as the rhinovirus is the most frequent infectious disease in humans.  It is a contagious, viral disease of the upper respiratory system.  It causes symptoms that include a sore throat, runny nose, and fever.

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Benefit of Laughter Vs. Wrinkles

A big belly laugh is a thing of beauty and does a body good. But what does it do to the face?  We all hear, read and see stories about those tiny lines.  And a good majority of women go to great lengths to avoid, erase, and fill them.

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Beauty and You Liver

Just the word liver sends shivers down my spine.  Not because I have an opinion about eating meat, but because I really don't because I have an opinion about eating, but because I really don't like live.  When I was eight, my mother was told she was anemic and should eat more liver.  Ugh! That meant WE were going to eat more liver. 

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Breast Health Goes Holistic

The human breast is one of the few body parts subject to so many variations and yet is essentially one thing; modified sweat glands that produce milk.

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Gluten May Be Hiding In Your Lipstick

In Hollywood, a gluten free diet is the new weight loss crazy. But in the day-to-day world, it is more about being healthy despite a hereditary sensitivity to wheat. Celiac disease is a genetic disorder that is directly related to wheat gluten (the protein).

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Hand Health Is A Beauty Bonus

The hand is a thing of beauty.  We all know that the opposable thumb action is what gives us the advantage over other species.  Did you know that the fingertips contain some of the densest areas of nerve endings on the body?

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Healthy Hair Holistically

Healthy hair is evident no matter what hair type a person has.  With shine and suppleness, all hair is beautiful in its natural state.  Less than healthy hair will have split ends, look and feel dry and brittle, or there could be hair loss.  Research shows that an approximated twenty five million women suffer from hair loss in the United States alone.  Consider what it must be worldwide.

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Frizzy Hair

If you have curly hair, the hot summer months require creative ways to combat the dreaded Frizz.  Ponytails, braids, scarfs, caps or harmful chemicals are on the list of tools that can be helpful.  All of these, except the harmful chemicals will hide that new haircut for which you paid a fortune. If you've tried putting every product on the market on your hair and still suffer, maybe working from the inside out is a better strategy.

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Healing Sound For Holistic Fitness

Laura Lynn Balcerzak uses tuning forks to help her clients balance the energy frequencies in their bodies.  Balcerzak says that mental blocks are the bigest obstacle in fitness training.  Her Sound Therapy approach is about "working out smarter, not harder"

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Healthy Weight

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and depending on what you eat, different levels of health.  but in the acting game there are fewer opportunities for women who are heavy.  So, I took the less healthy route that the majority of actrtess' take.  I would diet, exercise, binge, diet, exercise, binge,...(you get the picture)

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Nail Salon Safety

Nail salon safety has been on my mind a lot lately.  Taurus Earth Mothers love beautiful everything, and beautiful nails are no exception.  It's kind of an unspoken rule in LA.  Open toed shoes are a year round fashion statement. I'm going on month 5 without having my nails done.  and, yes, my resolve at not getting a manicure/pedicure is weakening.

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Organic Cosmetics; Hype or Healthy Beauty

Organic beauty products are gaining popularity.  And as with all popular products we are subjected to various types of maneuvers on the part of companies trying to cash in on the Organic Beauty Wave.

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Organic Perfume

If you look at the label of your favorite perfume can you tell which ingredients are organic and which are synthetic?  Even if you can decipher the ingredients on the label there may still be some that you will never know about. IUnless you have access to a lab that is.)

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Parabens Are Less Safe In Numbers

Parabens are synthetic ingredients.  Plain and simple. The companies using them will tell you that the amount used is so small that it isn't considered harmful. Technically, that's true. Parabens account for no more than 1 percent of any product.

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Sleep Is Essential To A Beautiful Body

Sleep is so important.  The fairy tale "Beauty" had the right idea.  More zzzz's does a body beautiful.

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Stress, The Anti-Beauty Basic

Stress is the number one health problem in the world.  a large majority of us suffer from it daily and the fabric of our society as a whole seems to be fraying from the onslaught. It is the enemy to our skin.  How can we be our best if our mainds and bodies are under constant attack?

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Valerian Root For Natural Sleep

The Valerian plant is native to Europe and Asia.  Its presence in the healing practice can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome and into the hands of Greek physician Hippocrates.

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Holistic-Beauty-Articles - More Topics

Holistic Pets With Simple Steps

Living a holistic lifestyle naturally includes our beautiful pets. Right? We spend as much on them as we do on ourselves sometimes. There are more and more choices in food, accessories, toys, clothes and even shoes! (Why a dog would need shoes is beyond me, but they're out there.)

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Yoga For Beauty

Yoga is a holistic workout.  Is is an exercise for the mind, body,and spirit.  But can it make you beautiful? Devoting about half an hour daily can help improve your natural beauty. A balanced diet, sleep, hydration and proper skin care are also needed of course.

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