Holistic Health

Holistic health can be easy with a well stocked cupboard

The Healing Cupboard

My great-grandmother had the healing hands in our family. She was known for reaching into her cupboard and pulling out just the "right" thing to make us feel better. Her ability came from a deeper place. She could tell by looking into our eyes how healthy we were.

Holistic health is about understanding the connections of one part to another and that harmony and balance of the whole is how we achieve it.

I started building my own healing cupboard when my daughter was born. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was following in my great-grandmother’s footsteps. Her intuitive knowing of how all parts are connected was her gift to us and has become a foundation for me to explore the principles of holistic health for myself and others.

Open the doors to my cupboard and you'll find a honey that has amazing curative properties, apple cider vinegar, chia seeds, quinoa and more. ACV is a product I resisted for years because I'm not a fan of vinegar. But now that I know how great it is for my body, it is one of my most valuable staples.

Mother Nature works hard every minute of every day to provide us with all that we need to live healthy lives. Unfortunately, she didn't provide a manual. So most of us gather information about remedies from our elders, friends and health professionals. Through them we learn what ginger ale can do for an upset stomach and how wonderful oatmeal is for soothing the skin.

Together we'll look deeper into our cupboards for alternatives to chemical based products. Together we'll increase our level of self-confidence when it comes to living life holistically.

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Javanese Long Pepper

This pepper is rare, but can be found in Indian grocery stores under the label, Pippali. As a health aid long pepper has been used to treat:

Asthma, Stimulate appetite, Aid Digestion, Sooth sore muscles, Reduce inflammation, Relieve cough symptoms,

Long pepper also has anti-bacterial properties.

Wild Fennel Pollen

This spice is used for upset stomach and digestive upset.The bulb holds the healing properties.


Cumin aids in cancer prevention. It inhibits the enzymes that help cancer cells invade healthy tissue.


Ginger calms nausea by shutting down the nerve receptor in the body that triggers vomiting.

From The Garden

I would love to have an organic garden today. When I lived in Connecticut I planted carrots, cucumbers and eggplant. My thumb isn't exactly green, so I ran into a lot of problems. We harvested a few morsels before the critters got most of the crop. These days the farmer's markets do me just fine, but if you're into organic gardening you should check out this great website where answers can be found to your most pressing questions.

Organic Green Fingers A great place to learn about about organic gardening. This is a Q&A site with a difference!

That Crowded Vitamin Shelf!

We all have a shelf filled with vitamin bottles. Some are new and unopened and some are so old you don't remember why you bought them. The frustrating thing is having to spend money on supplements you don't need. As our bodies change, our vitamin needs change and its almost impossible to know how to get the right balance (you have to be careful not to double dose).

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Holistic Healing Honey
Honey is the world’s most complete food. It's holistic! This liquid gold has amazing healing properties, both curative and preventive.
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Apple Cider Vinegar the Healthy Remedy
Apple Cider Vinegar
Drinking it around other people will more than likely garner a negative reaction. Besides the smell, it has the added benefit of that sour pucker face taste.
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Valerian Root For Natural Sleep
The Valerian plant is native to Europe and Asia. Its presence in the healing practice can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome and into the hands of Greek Physician Hippocrates.
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Chia Seeds Are A Great Protein Source
Have you ever seen one of those annoying commercials for Chia Pets? The terra cotta shaped heads of animals, cartoon characters and celebrities? I think there is even one fashioned for Barack Obama. Those commercials have been around since I was a kid and strangely have outlasted the commercials for pet rocks and sea monkeys. I used to wonder what the hell a ch-ch-ch...C-h-i-a was, and why would I want one for a pet.

Quinoa (Keen Wah)
Quinoa is a food I had to stumble upon. Sure, I used to see the boxes in the grocery store, but I would never grab one of those boxes until I started hanging out with people who take food and nutrition seriously. Thank you Beth!
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Skin Care With Strawberries
I love a good strawberry. Biting into that juicy red skin, slurping up the juice before it runs down your fingers. Yummy! Strawberries are associated with love and romance. Cover them in dark chocolate and you have the makings of a hot, steamy, romance novel kind of night. Heaven!
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Holistic Pets With Simple Steps
Living a holistic lifestyle naturally includes our beautiful pets. Right? We spend as much on them as we do on ourselves. There are more and more choices in food, accessories, toys, clothes and even shoes! (Why a dog would need shoes is beyond me, but they’re out there.)
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Energy Drinks
Energy drinks are associated with movement. All movement whether it be physical or mental stems from energy. Our bodies are in constant movement (even at rest) so in my mind we are energy.
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Healthy Cooking Is Easy with Cast Iron
Using cast Iron cookware is a healthy, cheap, naturally non-stick solution to cooking. With it, you are safe from chemicals and it transfers iron (a necessary mineral) to your food. This is especially true for high acid foods like tomato-based sauces.
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Holistic Beauty Basic Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a holistic powerhouse. The term vitamin E. describes a family of eight antioxidants. There are four tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) and four tocotrienols (Alpha, beta, gamma, and delta). Alpha-tocopherol is the only form of vitamin E that is actively maintained in the human body.
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when you come to the edge of all the light you have, and must take a step into the darkness of the unknown, either there will be something solid for you to stand on, or,
you will FLY...patrick overton

Aloe is always in my cupboard.