Mind and Balance

The mind is such a powerful and mysterious place.  It is the place of imagination, knowledge, dreams and nightmares.

When situations overwhelm, Do you ever feel like your are indeed losing your mind?

Maybe you have children.  Ever say to them; "You're driving me crazy"?

The daily stresses of life coupled with experience from the past can sometimes create triggers that throw some people off their game.

I wanted to create a place to land when you are in need of news about current and new modalities like meditation, yoga, and E.F.T. Everything we report on here is presented to help bring back the balance.  

A balanced mind helps to balance the whole body


The physical, mental, and spiritual discipline of this form of meditation was brought to the West in the late 19th century by Hindu Monks.  Yoga originated in ancient India as a discipline from the schools of Hindu philosophy.

Today there are many varieties of Yoga practiced in virtually every neighborhood.  Yoga has gone mainstream as a source of exercise and stress management.

Hatha Yoga is a basic form. It combines breathing, postures, and meditation for a body, mind, spirit meditation.

Bikram Yoga is more of a workout and detox form.  It requires and builds muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and promotes weight loss. The 95=105 degree temperature gives this form of yoga the added benefit of decreased injuries. 

Ashtanga Yoga is another form of yoga that promotes heat.  It is not performed in a heated room, but it does involve synchronizing breathing and continuous movement to produce an internal heat which purifies and detox's muscles and organs.  This form is for athletes, not beginners.

Kundalini Yoga includes chanting, meditation, and breathing to open the  base chakra and create a sexual heat.

Power Yoga is the American version of ashtanga yoga.  Power yoga can resemble an aerobic workout in that each pose or posture moves smoothly into the next at a faster pace.

There are more variations on the theme, but these are the ones I've actually done.  We can look at the others another time.

Making Mindful Changes

Could a better life be as simple as changing the way you think and feel? The truth is that your thoughts and feelings are the key to changing the patterns of your life.

It takes 21 days to break or create a habit.

Breaking free of outmoded mental and emotional habits can be a challenge.

Cheryl Janecky is a published writer in the fields of metaphysics, native traditions, psychology and genetics.

Her website, Quick-Good-Fortune.com is a free practical "how-to-guide" for body, mind and spirit.  I know first hand the benefits from her insight. 

She is a wealth of information, insight and holistic solutions that help you live your dream life.  And she's one of the sweetest people I know.  Believe me, she knows her stuff! 


Today, the stress associated with daily living is something we all just accept.  We can combat stress by paying attention to how our bodies process this silent adversary.  Meditation, yoga, and massage are just a few ways to control and alleviate it, but there are for some people, extreme moments that require all of our power to overcome.  These moments affect us in ways that can hinder our growth and keeps us stuck.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is pervasive.  Traumatic experiences register in the body as emotional blocks and can remain for years after the inciting incident.  PTSD is hard to diagnose.  There are varying degrees.

If you'd like to know more about it, check out Roland Bal.  He is a healer with a specialty in Post-Traumatic Stress and his website holds a wealth of information on the subject. It's called Resolving Post-Traumatic Stress.

We are plugged in 24/7, so anything we can do to bring the volume down is a plus. Something or somewhere that helps us unplug our minds is a part of holistic living.  

When I need to get away but can’t get away,  I take a drive to LAKE SHRINE 17190 Sunset Blve., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, 310-454-4114

It’s an oasis.

And even though you can still hear traffic from Sunset Blvd., you are surrounded by peaceful vibes.  (The outside noises melt away soon after you become captivated by the beauty.)

You can sit among the flowers and let yourself drift or sit closer to the water and watch the Koy in the lake.   There is the original sanctuary  and a newer larger sanctuary uphill via a lot of stairs!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, visit Lake Shrine.  The address is 17190 Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, CA  90272.  Call before you go.  310-454-4114  Write me and let me know if you like it.

Here's a cool website where you can download the guided meditation that fits your needs.


Another tool for your holistic tool box!

 Peaceful Space

If you live in an urban setting you know how hard it is to find that still small voice.  Meditation becomes so important when life is busy and stressful and just plain hard sometimes.  

If you have the opportunity to get yourself to a place where you can climb to a high place and feel close to the sky, you should.  I love to go to Joshua Tree.  Just being there gives my mind a chance to expand after struggling through the contracting environment of the city.  The wide open space just makes you wanna say ahhhh.

Rocks have an energy.  If you are a lover of rocks, like me, you know that just like everything in this dimension, rocks vibrate and hold centuries of memories.  That is another reason Joshua Tree is so special.  As a seeker of truth and connection to the higher power, you can tap into information of the ages and discovery through the amazing energy of the many vortexes there.


Yoga For Beauty  Yoga is a holistic workout. It is an exercise for the mind, body and spirit. But can it make you beautiful? Devoting about half an hour daily can help improve your natural beauty.  A balanced diet, sleep, hydration and proper skin care are also needed of course. read more...

Mood Food   A bad mood can be altered by a host of things like ice cream, a good laugh…or sex.  For me, eating is way at the top of the list when I’m down. Did you know that mood affects the foods we choose? read more...

Beauty vs. Laughter A big belly laugh is a thing of beauty and does a body good.  But what does it do to the face?  We all hear about laugh lines and a good majority of women go to great lengths to avoid, erase, and fill them.  read more...

Stress, The Anti-Beauty Basic Stress is the number one health problem in the world.  A large majority of us suffer from it daily and the fabric of our society as a whole seems to be fraying from the onslaught. read more...  


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Things do not change; we change.

             - Henry David Thoreau

Use a bell, chime or gong to open and close the more meditative yoga practices.

Having a pillow to sit on while meditating makes it easier to sit for longer periods. Click on the pillow for Amazon.com