Natural Makeup Bag

Natural Beauty Through Organic Products.

The organic natural makeup industry is growing.

Holistically speaking, cosmetic products without toxic chemicals is the cherry on top for a healthy beauty regimen.

Choosing organic is a commitment to a healthy beauty that goes deeper than the skin.

Organic cosmetics have to meet rigorous standards in regards to ingredients and how they are grown, manufactured, and how they impact the environment. 

A little Natural history

In 2002, the USDA established standards for organic products.  These standards require farmers to produce organic foods with methods that maximize the health of the soil, conservation of water, and a reduction in air pollution.  No use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or hormones is permitted.

Companies that process and handle organic products must meet government rules to become certified as well.


For the customer committed to a holistic lifestyle, it can be hard making sense of organic labeling.  Here's how to interpret label meanings:

"100 percent organic (USDA)- means all ingredients and methods are organic.

"Organic" (USDA) - means 95 percent or more of the ingredients are organic.

"Made with organic" (with no USDA Seal) - means less than 70 percent of content is organic.  You may only see the claim on the side panel of the product.

These standards apply to products manufactured anywhere in the world.


Even with the labels and safeguards put in place, do your homework.  Check the manufacturer yourself to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

See ya in the lipstick isle!

Speaking of Lipstick...

Have you hear of Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics?

They are a North Carolina based company. They sell a mineral makeup made from formulas free of preservatives, chemicals and dyes. They also steer clear of perfumes.

They have a Plum Lipstick that is trending now. It's worth a try!

You'll be glad you did.


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Organic Cosmetics; Hype or Healthy Beauty

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